If the name Seedlingers seems different, it should; we're a different kind of plant food!  And if our Plant Fertelixir packaging looks fun, then we're doing something right, because at Seedlingers, we want you to discover how much fun gardening can be!  But don't worry.  It takes a lot of science and know-how to make something this advanced look so simple.  We've designed these products to make them perform well enough to impress advanced gardeners, and easy enough to use so that beginners can't fail.  be careful though...side effects of using this product may include: healthier plants, impressed friends and family, increased fruit production, jealous neighbors, better soil quality, more aromatic herbs, stronger roots and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment!

Seedlingers Plant Food 32 oz

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    • See how easy and fun gardening can be with Seedlingers Plant Fertelixir; an easy to use, universal plant food for indoor and outdoor plants.
    • Our Plant Fertelixir can be used on any plant, in any weather and any condition, including both indoor and outdoor plants, perennials and annuals.
    • Great for growing your first vegetable garden for your own source of fresh food or sprucing up house plants.
    • Easy to Use - Mix one ounce of Plant Fertelixir into one gallon of water and apply by wetting plant leaves and soaking into the soil.  Repeat weekly for best results.
    • Sweet Smelling - Our manure free fertilizer uses includes the non-nutrient ingredient molasses, making it perfect for indoor plants.
    • Energy Rich Formula - Plant Fertelixir is teeming with the necessary energy to feed your soil, which, in turn, will feed the microbes that will feed your plants.
    • Repair tired, nutrient deficient soil - Plant Ferteleixir contain both nutrients to feed the plants and nutrition to feed mirobes and promote soil health
    • Great for Tomatoes, Orchids & More - flowering and fruit baring plants easily and quickly absorb the necessary nutrients to grow bigger and faster from seed to harvest or cutting.
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